After God, only the www comes close to being omni-present. 除了上帝之外,网路是唯一好像无所不在的。

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Welcome to Texana Love Stories (Old Stories) 欢迎造访德克桑湖的故事 (老故事篇)

(January 16, 2014) Kuocheng translated some of the best works of O' Henry into Chinese, including The Gifts of The Magi, Pimienta Pancakes, etc. Some of them are actually Texas stories. Click on their respective numbers and you can enjoy reading them. I imagine myself reading them riding in one of the high speed trains in Taiwan! What a joy it would be! The originals are really worth reading. When I translated them, it was really fun!

国城把 O' Henry的最佳作品翻译成中文,其中包括博士的礼物,锅饼之恋,等等。其中有些事实上是德州的故事。按一下故事号码,就可以看这些故事了。 我假想自己在台湾搭高铁,一面看这些故事,想起来真惬意!原文写得很好,我翻译的时候也觉得很有意思。

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